Friday, April 22, 2016

absorbent underwear designed for use during periods

This sounds really interesting. And site is not dorky. Link here.

Digging in the dirt, with the Emotion Code / Body Code

Busy busy busy lately, sorry no time to be blogging much recently.

However thought I would share a bit about something I have been doing that seems to be helping.

It's long been my belief that my fibroids and other physical issues are a buildup of old emotions trapped in my body, and I need to release them. The question is, how? I've done some EFT and tried a couple of different shaman type people, and while that seemed to help, didn't seem to quite do it.

I've had several sessions of Emotion Code / Body Code sessions, and I think I may have finally found something that works. Seems to be very systematic and targeted at identifying very specific emotions and issues. Doing this work is proving to me that I do indeed have a lot of trapped stuff, and also unfortunately that it's going to take a lot to get rid of it.

Today I worked with a different practitioner than I had before. I decided to work with her on sycosis miasm, which is the homeopathic term for the body creating lumps to sequester things. I have lots of lumps -- my fibroids, a lipoma, breast cyst, a new lump that appeared on my neck a little over a year ago, etc. Thought that by addressing the sycosis miasm, we could work on the underpinnings of all of them.

While delving into what is causing this sycosis miasm, in the hour we ranged over a whole lot of topics. From past life stuff from ancestors, to a negative chord with my mother, to stress inherited from both my parents, to a lack of one color (deep blue -- and indeed realized I don't own a single blue shirt despite having a very varied wardrobe) and allergy to another (maroon, the color of the company my father used to work for, which was an alienating environment for him that I must have picked up on), issues with my first grade teacher, and an upsetting incident in high school. Issues blocking my ability to express myself. All these old emotions, stuff upon stuff, some of which was not even mine in the first place. So am digging in the dirt as the song goes, and releasing all this stuff bit by bit. A lot of work, but seems to be the most efficient thing I have found so far for dredging up and clearing stuck emotions.

If you're curious about this work, you can read more about it here. You can find practitioners here.

Oh and another thing. Over the past year I have also done some work with Priscilla at the Bioenergy Balancing Center. This has been very helpful and works on the same principle of clearing out stuck emotions and energies. Difference is it's hands-on and in person, and also she looks more at the body's physiological functioning and prescribes supplements too.

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this sounds more like an ad than an article

but it does make me curious about this new fibroid treatment. Link here.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Positive approach to planning for the new year

I thought this was a refreshing change from the usual! Link here.

weight loss approach that is working for me

Between the IVF drugs and not wanting to go on strict diets due to not wanting to have it affect my fertility, and being married to a man who is way too interested in food, I've gained some weight the past few years and not been able to figure out how to get rid of it.

Recently started using the Rise app, which is a really great application of mobile technology.  You take photos of your food and a nutritionist comments on them. You get three months of it for less than what one session with a nutritionist would cost you.

Between being more careful about what you eat because you know you have to report it, and helpful tips from the nutritionist, it really works -- I have lost 5 pounds so far and am going into the usual January resolution period feeling optimistic!

If you sign up with the referral code P75R21 or this link, you can get your first week free.

This New York Times article gives a pretty accurate idea of what it's like working with the app.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

link between lymph and PMS/menstruation issues

It logically would serve to reason that lymph would be related to fibroids too. Good article. Link here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NEWS: high testosterone also a risk factor for fibroids

Details here.  High testosterone and high estrogen together is even worse.

too many stims lead to poor IVF prognosis

Nor surprising but finally there is some proof. Details here.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

are your eggs too fat?

It could affect IVF outcomes. Details here.

Monday, December 7, 2015

hormone commonly used in IVF can actually decrease chance of having a baby

This confirms what I experienced when doing IVF. Doctors particularly want to give lots of drugs to older women, just because we are older. Link to study results here.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Discounts on supplements for fibroid shrinkers

Check out Ebates to get cash back on your purchases at Vitacost, Blessed Herbs (for detoxing), Bulletproof Coffee, Gaiam, House of Nutrition, PureFormulas, Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin World.

It's free and definitely worth it if you buy a lot of supplements (as those of us who are working on fibroid shrinking tend to do!)

Also they have hundreds of stores so you can use for your holiday shopping too!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

really detailed information on mercury toxicity

We've discussed in this blog before about how mercury toxicity is a contributing factor to fibroids. Take a look at this detailed article about all the ways that mercury messes up your system and ways of testing for it.

Saturday, November 7, 2015